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Over 15 years ago the owners of Parkway Driving Academy had a vision of creating a commercial driving school that would meet the ever increasing demand for professional drivers. The owners themselves are solid professional drivers with impeccable safety records. The success of the company is due in part to the quality of instructors we hire and the caring family like atmosphere we have created at the school.

Our staff are friendly and informative and ready to guide students through their programs step by step from start to finish. Employers looking for new drivers contact our school and we do what we can to match good candidates up with those jobs. Safety which comes through education and training – is the focus of our training both in the vehicle and in the classroom.

Our mission is to continue educating people who want careers in transportation by giving them the skills needed to have a safe and professional career for a lifetime.

As our duty to give back to the community, we support the team of breast cancer survivors at Abreast of Life who proudly represent Central Vancouver Island in the dragon boat community. To learn more about us, get in touch with our experienced staff.

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