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Licensing is a Sure Way to Obtain a Career in the Transportation Industry

Now offering the Class 1 MELT Program


Contact the office for training schedules



We are sad to announce that Parkway Driving Academy Ltd. has closed. 

Over the past 19 years, we have enjoyed everyone that became part of the family. 







Class 1 Driver Training

The Class 1 MELT Program will teach you the knowledge and skills to operate a tractor/trailer safely and efficiently. Contact the office for upcoming courses.

school bus

Class 2 Driver Training

Our class 2 training packages will allow you to operate school buses, city buses and those vehicles in class 4. 

Operate trucks

Class 3 Driver Training

Our 30-hour and 38-hour training programs will allow you to operate trucks with more than 2 axles. 


Class 4 Driver Training

This training course will help you operate various vehicles such as taxis, limousines, 15 passenger vans, special activity buses, Ubers and ambulances. 

Portrait of Young Man in his Car Showing Thumbs Up

Class 5/7 Driver Training

Contact the office for pricing and availability.

**Currently not being offered**

Air brakes

Air Brakes

Air Brake Courses are limited in size and is in high demand. Please check schedule for availability.



You can now choose truck driving as your main profession with Parkway Driving Academy! We are committed to providing complete driving instructions to those seeking a career in transportation. If you are looking for a career change to the transportation sector, we can help. Parkway Driving Academy serves the mid-Island region all the way from Victoria to Courtney. It is registered with the British Columbia Trucking Association, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce. Contact us to learn more about our commercial driving school on Vancouver Island. 

Our quality driving packages at Parkway Driving Academy will help you learn lifelong driving skills in the most effective way. Our driving instructors are experienced and friendly, and will make you feel relaxed behind the wheel. Here, we offer a complete line of professional driving training classes, including class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, and airbrake courses.

Why Choose Parkway Driving Academy?

Whether you’re looking to start a new career in semi-truck driving or someone who is looking for an airbrake certification, Parkway Driving Academy is the right choice for you. We’re an ICBC certified driver training school educating people who are willing to start their career in transportation. We’ll assist the new professional drivers to have a safe and professional career. 

Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Hours of Service
Cargo Securement
Extreme Weather Driving
Air Brakes

To learn more about our certified 20-hour air brake course, contact us today.

A Little More on Truck Driving

The Conference Board of Canada expects that the truck driving industry will need 25,000 to 33,000 new truck drivers by 2020. Some drivers will be needed to replace the retiring workforce, while some may be needed due to the expansion of the industry. We have motivated many young people from high schools and introduced them to class 1 truck driving, while providing them with opportunities to train for a truck-driving career.

At Parkway Driving Academy, we’ve developed an education system that produces competent commercial vehicle drivers to serve the industry. Give us a call today to check out more about our training options.

Professional Affiliations

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